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Cordex™ Serie

Cordex™ Serie

Cordex™ Serie
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Cordex switch mode rectifiers and controllers bring advance technology to the DC power industry. This next generation of power products, combines the best in power density, reliability, and cost efficiency. Cordex rectifiers and Cordex CXC system controllers are specially engineered to work seamlessly together.

The Cordex CXC controller streamlines setup, adjustment, control, and monitoring through a graphic LCD display with a state-of-the-art, touch-screen interface. By utilizing TCP/IP technology, complete configuration and monitoring of power equipment is possible through a network web browser.

Cordex offers high efficiency, constant power rectifiers with wide range AC input. Systems or bulk power are available in 19" or 23" shelf configurations. Power systems have a range of options including distribution and controller. Cordex is an ideal solution to meet the needs for a variety of system applications.

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Cordex Series Overview
Output Voltage Rectifier Power Input Voltage Form Factor/Coolingv Controller Options
12VDC 250W 120/208 – 240VAC 2RU/Convection - - X
400W 120/208 – 240VAC 2RU/Convection - - X
3,1kW 208 – 277VAC 4RU/Fan X X -
650W 120/208 – 240VAC 2RU/Convection - X[1] X
1kW 208 – 277VAC 4RU/Convection X X -
1,8kW 208 – 277VAC 2RU/Fan X X
3,6kW 208 – 277VAC 4RU/Fan X X -
125VDC 1,1kW 208 – 277VAC 4RU/Convection X[2] - -
4,4kW 208 208 – 277 4RU/Fan X[2] - -
220VDC 1,1kW 208 – 277VAC 4RU/Convection X[2] - -
4,4kW 208 – 277VAC 4RU/Fan X[2] - -

[1] Available on 3RU 23" Shelf System [2] Includes ground fault detection